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Our Mission 

SymBIOtic Biomedical Communications expands the public's understanding of the medical and natural world by fostering clear communication through expertly drafted visuals. We endorse curiosity and inspire innovative approaches to education, teaching concepts in medicine, health, and science. We support medical professional training, patient education, and research to encourage exceptional medical care and new developments in the health sciences


The SymBIOtic team 

Shawn McLeod is the founder and Medical Illustrator at SymBIOtic. She completed her training in Medical Illustration at the Medical College of Georgia and continues to collaborate with the Clinic for Prosthetic Restoration. Her interests lie in didactic media and educational materials for medical students, residents, health professionals, and the public at large. Shawn also enjoys workig in 3D media, both digitaly and physically. Shawn is an active member of the AMI and the IAA and plans to continue research in the applications of 3D printing in medicine. 

Dr. Strever is a Periodontist practicing in Chattanooga, TN. His research and interest in the use of lasers to treat perioimplantitis has lead to publication in the Journal of Periodontology. Dr. Strever is activily involved in continuing education for Dentists and prepares and presents compelling case studies and reviews of dental literature both contemporary and classic. 
Darwin is a golden doodle and the company mascot. He enjoys playing with balls, tormenting cats, and chewing on important things. Darwin is up to date on all of his shots and almost knows how to sit when he is told to. We are very excited to have darwin as a productive member of our team. 


Symbiotic biomedical communications provides a broad spectrum of creative services for our clients. We work closely with our patrons to develop and design custom 2D, 3D, or animated visuals to solve problems, incite interest, and communicate concepts in medicine and science. To ensure customer satisfaction we encorporate client review and feedback into our production process. 

Instructional /

Surgical | Biological | Scientific
3D modeling | Animation

Patient education /
Public health

Pamphlets | Brochures | Infographics
 Posters | Interactive Education
 Medical Models 

Medical Device /

Pharmaceutical | Medical Device Illustration Molecular Mechanism and Cellular Pathway
3D modeling | Animation| Prototyping 

Journal /

Cover art | Concept art
Charts, Tables, & Diagrams
Photo editing

Presentation /

PowerPoint Presentations | Presentation aids 
 Charts, Tables & Diagrams | Brochures
Case studies | Portfolios | Web Design 

3D Modeling /

3D models | Rapid Prototyping
Protein Databank | Sculpture
CT data reconstructions | Laser scanning
 PLA and SLA 3D Printing 

Instructional / Education

Visuals created for educational use. Image style can range from schematic to realistic and can be in full color, spot color, tone or line depending on the intended purpose and or audience. To ensure accuracy, extensive research, empirical observation, and expert consultation are integrated into the development process. 

Patient education / Public health

Visuals designed to provide information to patients or the general population. Style reflects the targeted population and can range from realistic to cartoon like. Careful attention is made to ensure the visuals are both informative, and appropriate for the intended audience. To ensure accuracy, extensive research, empirical observation, and expert consultation are integrated into the development process. 

Medical Device / Pharmaceuticals

Visuals designed for either advertising and marketing purposes or for informational purposes. Visuals can be technical, conceptual, or realistic and can be 2D, 3D, or animated. To ensure accuracy, extensive research, empirical observation, and expert consultation are integrated into the development process. 

Journal / Editorial

Visuals designed to incite interest, grab attention, or accompany journal article to clarify a concept or illustrate a point. Depending on the purpose, artwork may be conceptual, realistic or schematic. Graphic style and delivery will comply with the intended publications' specifications and restrictions. 

Presentation / Promotional
Symbiotic values clear and effective communication. It’s our job! We offer our expertise in visual communication and presentation of information to our clients. We can create custom presentations, case presentations, and medical professional promotional materials for our clients. 


3D Modeling / Printing
 SymBIOtic is equiped and ready to handel your 3D ideas. Want to design an educational model? Print a prototype? Plan a surgery? Or Communicate a concept better by making hands on learning a possibility?

Company Policy

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Warranty: All information and correspondence with the client will be treated with confidentiality. This includes all drawings, sketches, photographs and other materials conveyed by the client to us. We will sign and honor a nondisclosure agreement at the client’s request... (more) .